Welcome to TELOS

Welcome Home and to Telos
from a fellow soldier,
34 years, now retired
Command Sergeant Major,
Special Forces

"Be proud of yourself and what you were trained to do. Remain adaptable and remember who you are."

Thank you, Sir.

This is Dr. Ray, also inviting you to The Telos Journey, where you will learn to clearly define your aims and purpose - and acquire the skills to achieve them. It is about your unique focus, your paticular long and short term goals.

When I ask Veterans what they would like to achieve during our sessions, I rarely hear clearly stated goals. This is important!

When your purpose and goals are clearly defined the action you need to take to achieve them becomes readily apparent. Learning how to do this is the first challenge we will face together.

The Purpose Clarifying Interview (PCI) is where we start. You will interview yourself. There is no 'middle man' telling you who you are and what you should do. You will guide yourself throughout your TELOS JOURNEY.

So let's get started by completing the PCI. In about 20 minutes you will prioritize over 1500 personal concerns and immediately receive your online 'THIS IS ME!" report. Please know, your anonymity and personal privacy is fully protected. Only you will know the results. You may share your report with me if you like or any health care provider you are currently seeing.

You will be able to communicate your purpose and goals with absolute clarity. FOCUS IS EVERYTHING!

If you are ready to start, let's go to the PCI and learn to clarify your purpose.