Apply your adaptation skills in a rapidly changing world

Returning from Deployment
Much has changed since you left and returned. Your family, friends, what people value, their differing sense of discipline and responsibility. It is a different world. Can you adapt and live a fulfillng life?

Finding Purpose in a Civilian environment
Where do you fit in? Do you have the skills and the right attitude? Can you rely on other people? These, and many more questions, can challenge you as a returning soldier. You may have returned decades ago, or as recent as yesterday. Adaptive challenges are always there.

How about employment?
Are there jobs available? Do I need to go to school? Is the pay sufficient to meet my family's needs? Am I qualified? I was well trained in the service, but what about now?

What about your health?
Health is about your mental and physical disposition, the stability of your emotions, anxiety, depression, use of alcohol and drugs, the quality of your sleep, medical bills, physical pain, fitness for work. Health issues can be paralyzing and are so for many Veterans and their families.

Telos training and coaching can help

Self-command and the skills needed for independent living challenge us all. Join our team and work with a NETWORK Conseiller. It can make the difference for you as it has for other Veterans.